Your Mental Health Recovery Wheel

The latest research all agrees – psychotherapy is one spoke in a multi-disciplinary wheel of mental health recovery.

All of the spokes need to be addressed to help you to fully regain your optimal mental health.

Every experience you have, happens to you on 5 levels of consciousness, and all 5 levels or ‘spokes’, need to be brought back into balance for your mental health to fully rebalance and recover.

The old way of addressing a mental ill health issue – the assumption that the problem is where the current biggest symptom is, for example, depression, and get rid of that by prescribing a pill and you will be fine again.

Well, we have found that there is a big problem with that.

It doesn’t work.

In fact, it is making thousands of people worse!

Here is some background.

These are the 5 levels through which you experience life:

Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic

They are all inseparable.

Each affects the other.

Each level needs to be healthy and balanced for you to be truly mentally healthy.

So, at times, you may need to have the support of one professional from each area to regain 100% of your mental health.

When one arm of this wheel is out of balance, it affects all the others.

If you imagine one of the spokes has a big crack in it. It will put pressure on all the other spokes until there is a break in one of them. If we just fix the broken spoke, will that fix the whole wheel?

No. Because now the other spokes area all affected by having extra pressure on them and will continue to break down themselves.

And so it is with your mental health.

Something happened to you, and that started as a wobble, and the first thing to break down may, or may not be where the problem started. Then there was a knock on effect to all the other spokes.

So, we have to strengthen the whole wheel for optimal health to return.

All of you is connected to all of you

This might seem obvious when you look at your self in the mirror, but because the field of medicine became so super-specialised, we forgot that your head is connected to your gut, and your gut is connected to your reproductive organs, and those are connected to your heart and everything else.

Treating one element or spoke and expecting recovery, only prolongs how long you will not feel mentally healthy. It is a Journey and as such, several professionals will need to help you.

So your mental health depends on the health of the rest of you.

It helps to have one central professional managing your recovery wheel. That person can be anyone on the wheel who is knowledgable about all the spokes necessary to be visited to achieve wholeness again.

The professionals who represent spokes on your Mental Health Wheel are:

1) (MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL LEVEL) A Holistic, Integrative Psychotherapist who specialises in your area of distress e.g childhood abuse, depression, addictions etc .

They should be trained in psycho-dynamic psychotherapies (take into account your past and how they may be impacting your current distress) AND both of the following.

a) a Body Oriented approach to mental health recovery. They practice Somatic Experiencing, SensoriMotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi or Somatic Psychotherapy.

b) a specific neuroscience based therapy for accessing the sub-cortical brain such as, Brainspotting.

If you have had any abuse, neglect or trauma in your life – that means – anything that overwhelmed your ability to fully process it at the time it happened, please look for a well trained Trauma Therapist.

Qualified “Trauma Therapists” have invested in many hundreds, and often thousands, of hours of additional trauma therapy courses AFTER their basic therapy training.

2A) (PHYSICAL LEVEL) A good Naturopath or registered Osteopath, or Functional Medicine Doctor, who specialises in Gut and Orthomolecular (cell level), and hormonal health which includes your ; thyroid, sex hormones, and adrenal glands and their levels of functioning.

They will organise tests to check your; gut health, the presence of parasites, candida, and the levels of the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

They can also help you with dietary choices to support your recovery.

Other physical level issues that negatively impact your mental health they can test for include:

A good naturopath will test for these and then formulate a program to resolve all of the out of balance elements.

OFTEN, rebalancing these areas results in your mental health issues disappearing.

If your gut, or Bionome (gut environment) is out of balance, you will have poor mental health.  No two ways about that.

That is FACT.

Your brain and gut are connected


No amount of psychotherapy will balance out an out of balance gut.

But a balanced gut WILL help balance your mental health.

2B) (PHYSICAL LEVEL) A Functional or Registered Medicine doctor (GP) or Osteopath who can check your levels of vitamin, minerals, and other factors which can lead to depression or fatigue, or other physical issues which are also felt as emotional issues.

3) (ENERGETIC LEVEL) A CranioSacral therapist, Reiki practitioner, Scenar therapist, Acupuncturist or other energetic healer to help rebalance your nervous system.

An out of balance nervous system contributes in a major way to all mental ill health.

4) (SPIRITUAL LEVEL) By this I mean our ability to CONNECT to ourselves and others. Recovery means reconnecting, use your creativity to find your way back to connection.

There are many great psychotherapists who are trained in spiritual psychology. Look for those trained in PsychoSynthesis or Spiritual Psychology to help you make meaning out of what has happened and also to reestablish connections in your life.

When we are mentally struggling, we lose our ability to connect to ourselves and others.
For many people, getting out into Nature is spiritually fulfilling. Walking outdoors, or on the beach, or National Parks, may be restorative for you, and can begin your journey back to yourself, and those you love.

Some of you may have a religion, or other community that has been a source of support for you in the past, you may want to reconnect there.

5) (SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL) Yoga, Meditation or Pilates teachers can help you to make friends with your body, perhaps for the first time and to feel ease when you spend time quietly with yourself.

Explore which of these feel good to you on your Journey back to Balance.

WRITTEN BY cmd-admin-313 | 13 09 2016

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