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Welcome to our Integrative, Embodied, Brain-Based, Relational Psychotherapy team

at Abeles Consulting

in Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia

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All Abeles Consulting team members

have training in:

Brainspotting Therapy

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

The MATES Regulation & Resource Program

as well as advanced training in other modalities and specialties.

All are experts in their fields, and all partake in ongoing professional development to ensure they are practicing with the best and most up to date therapies to maximise your positive results.


Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Salene Souza salene

Salene is a parent coach and child therapist, and is passionate about helping whole families manage their stress so they can have more fun together.

She also works with individual adults who are looking for trauma therapy and nervous system regulation.

She is an expert in the areas of

Salene’s academic qualifications

Membership Organisations

Salene has advanced training in

In 2011 she and Dr Roby Abeles developed the MATES Resourcing & Regulation Program for parents and children.

Salene is one of only two Brainspotting trainers in Australia, and is an EMDR Approved Consultant and TRE Facilitator. She is also a Brainspotting International Trainer in her native Brazil.

Salene is co-authoring a parenting book based on the MATES Program. The title is: Revolutionary Parenting: The Proven MATES Formula for Reducing Stress and Improving Communication & Connection.

International Conference Presentations

2014 “Using the MATES Resourcing & Regulation program with children and families to reduce stress and increase connections” at The Australian Childhood Foundation’s –  International Trauma Conference in Melbourne in 2014

2016 Brainspotting and “Talking to the Stars” at The 1st International Brainspotting Conference in Brazil, in March, 2016

Salene is also the developer of Samba Therapy

These fun sessions are planned to focus on different parts of the body in order to practice the 5 important “Bs” in life. Breath, Bounce, Balance, Boundaries and Bliss. Each session is divided into three sections: warm-up, samba practice and relaxation.

Samba-therapy combines Latin dance movements with a range of psychotherapeutic techniques aiming to encourage people to reflect on their lives and become aware of their thoughts, sensations, emotions and behaviours. Beyond Latin dance movements, each session includes activities such as; mindfulness, relaxation exercises, visualising and grounding exercises.

Salene provides:

She is bi-lingual in English and Brazilian Portuguese

Contact info:  Mobile 0421 204 923   Email: salenesouza(at)hotmail.com

Office Address; Crows Nest, NSW 2065, Australia


Salene’s Website

Andrea Szasz

Here is Andrea Szasz with Dr Brene´ Brown at Dr Brown’s Daring Way™ trandreaaining in Austin, Texas.

Andrea was the first Australian therapist to be trained as a Brene´ Brown approved Daring Way facilitator, and she is also a “Rising Strong” facilitator.

And she has a wealth of experience and training in trauma and relational therapies. She works both short and long term with her clients, many of whom are healing from early trauma experiences including ruptures in attachment, and developmental traumas.

Andrea has gained invaluable training while working as a therapist/counsellor at:

Andrea is passionate about consistently improving her therapy skills and has added Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting and EMDR training to her skill set, and she is also a passionate MATES Resourcing & Regulation therapist. She has a Masters degree in The Conversational Model of therapy which helps those who need long term therapy work on resolving early relational traumas .

In 2013, Andrea undertook training in Brene´Brown’s “Daring Way™” therapy in Texas, USA, and she became Australia’s first Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, and she is now also Certified in Brene´ Brown’s “Rising Strong™” workshops. She facilitates these in Sydney, Australia.If you are interested in this work, please contact Andrea via email on andi(at)bravetherapy.com

Andrea has the following academic qualifications;

She is a Work Cover approved therapist.

Andrea has her office in

Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia

Andrea is bi-lingual in English and Hungarian

Contact info: Mobile  0414 309 003   Email: andi(at)bravetherapy.com




Andrea's website

Mihoko Yamaguchi


Mihoko works in collaboration with the Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy team at Abeles Consulting in Sydney and also has a private practice on the NSW Central Coast. She is a Body Focused Therapist.

Mihoko works in collaboration with the  therapy team at Abeles Consulting, supporting her clients to regain access to their body while building resilience and expanding the feeling of vitality they experience.

Many of her clients work in collaboration with one of the other psychotherapist team members, thereby combining Mihoko’s body therapies with psychotherapy.

Mihoko developed a strong interest in working with Developmental Trauma from a body focus, and completed Kathy Kain’s Touch Skills For Trauma® and Dr.Laurence Heller’s NARM (Neuro-Affective Relational Model) training. These are both created by Somatic Experiencing faculty members and provide strong focus towards working with and healing Developmental Trauma.

Mihoko has further training in Kathy Kain’s work to build somatic resilience for those clients who have experienced early developmental trauma, and has completed Integral Somatic Psychotherapy training with Somatic Experiencing senior faculty member, Dr Raja Selvam.

Mihoko loves introducing Safe “Touch” in her Somatic therapy work and this is complemented by her Cranio Sacral background.
She considers it to be an honour to be a part of her client’s healing journey and is constantly amazed and pleased by the healing that can take place using SE principles and techniques.

Mihoko has also worked as an interpreter, assisting at Esalen Institute courses, and setting up well-being study courses in Bali and Tokyo.

Mihoko is translating the MATES Resourcing & Regulation Program™ into Japanese.

For bookings or inquiries
mobile: 0417043938, see website link for email form.

Tuesday & Wednesdays: Crows Nest, Sydney
Monday & Thursday: Terrigal, NSW Central Coast
Skype sessions are also available.
Mihoko is Bilingual in English and Japanese

Mihoko's website


Email: info@abeles.consulting