MATES Regulation & Resourcing Program

What is the Goal of the “MATES” Regulation Program?


Stress and trauma can take over your life creating a disorganized mind and body. Your choices become limited. You fall into repeating cycles of behaviors. You react and continually find yourself in places and in situations you don’t want to be in. Your relationship with yourself and others get worse. Your self-esteem crashes. You may end up trying to cope in ways that end up hurting you and those you care. If any of this sounds familiar MATES is for you!

The MATES Regulation Program is all about ending this drama spiral by teaching you 5 simple skills to help you to connect with yourself and bringing you back to the present moment. You can then access all your knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Making you to feel less anxious, more energised and able to make better decisions for yourself and for those you love. MATES life skills have been specifically designed to be practical and easy allowing you to quickly attain a calm mind and body so you can go about the business of managing your life.

I teach MATES to all my Intensive Therapy clients at the beginning of our time together.

I also teach MATES to mental health practitioners in supervision sessions, to use 1:1 with their clients.


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