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Integrative Somatic Psychotherapists:

Salene Souza & Andrea Szasz 


Somatic Therapy Practitioner:

Mihoko Yamaguchi

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Abeles Consulting welcomes all people,

in all their glorious diversity


I know that if you are here on my website today…

You have probably been trying for a very long time to resolve your problems….

Or the problems of a family member or

other loved one in your life

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You have probably tried a lot of different therapies, maybe even rehabs, psychiatric hospitals, all sorts of medications, and “the Alphabets of Therapy” – CBT, DBT, EMDR, ACT, 12 step programs, and more and still you have unbearable symptoms, unsatisfying relationships, and challenges in one or more areas of your life.

And you know, somewhere way down inside yourself, that there is deeper healing possible, and you want to find that for yourself (or your loved one) now.

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If that describes where you are right now, then what I do, may well interest you as it is different to many other approaches.


You are right.

Deeper healing IS possible

You CAN have deeper healing – when you follow an integrated, holistic plan, combining all the best treatments for your mind, and body in a holistic, integrated & strategic way

I only work in short-term-intensive format.

This means, we meet just for 1 week or 2 weeks, 3-5 hours per day, and then we would finish our work together. You may then choose to return in 6 months to do another intensive therapy session together. To initiate this, we meet for an initial 2 hour assessment session.

[I do not offer weekly sessions any more, as my clients and I find this delivery of therapy to be preferable.]

I apologise, but my schedule is full for 2017.


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After a short talk I can give you more information with which to make a choice to see if it is the right next step for you. I know it can be very scary and a big step to sign up for an intensive week of therapy.

So I am more than happy to spend as much time talking with you on the phone as you need to make a decision about whether or not you’d like to come.


I wish you all the best on your healing journey, and I hope to speak with you soon.  ~  Dr Roby

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My Office:

When you come to Crows Nest, Sydney, you will come to my office, where I will welcome you, make you a cup of tea, and where we will meet each day and do your healing work together.


Location & Directions:

My office address is in Crows Nest, NSW, Australia. When we have a session scheduled, I will forward you the address and directions to get there.

Crows Nest is a great area and I think you will like the shops and great restaurants all around us there. For those of you from outside Sydney’s metropolitan area, there are also some great Airbnb options close by.

There are also 2 Council Car Parks within a 3-5 minute walk: Both offer the first 2 hours free. 

  1. Holterman Street Car Park entry via ZigZag Lane


2. Hume Street Car Park


There are also 1-2 hour street parking options nearby.

St.Leonards train station is about an 8-10 minute walk away.


Email: info@abeles.consulting


Skype: Dr.RobyAbeles
Office Location: Crows Nest, NSW 2065 Australia