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Dr Roby is no longer taking new clients due to training commitments she now undertakes each year, world-wide.

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Salene Souza, Itab Stratti,  & Andrea Szasz 


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Mihoko Yamaguchi

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The Old Way of receiving therapy, was to just focus on symptom reduction



is to restore you to optimal functioning  in

ALL areas of your life.


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My name is Dr Roby Abeles

and I am the lead psychotherapist at Abeles Consulting, where for the past 30+ years

I have provided integrative, whole person, addiction and trauma resolution therapy to hundreds of clients.


The picture below was taken at the 2018 Biennial Australian Childhood Foundation’s (ACF) International Trauma Conference, August 2018, during the closing Experts Panel Discussion

L to R: Janise Mitchell (Deputy CEO ACF), Dr Roby Abeles, Dr Peter Fonagy, Dr Cathy Malchiodi, Dr Gabor Mate´MD, Dr Kim Golding, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Marilyn Devallier, Dr Ed Tronick

My work is informed by current knowledge about interpersonal neurobiology, the links between gut and brain health, cutting edge neuroscience, and brain & body based therapies, all of which give us access to the parts of the mind and body that traditional “talk therapy” cannot reach.

I combine all these, either directly with you or by referring you to other professionals who specialise in other areas of health, to make sure your whole-self is treated, not just one or two of your symptoms.

This way you have healing of all parts of yourself.

This leads to more permanent results over time.


I will explain……


And what is mental health anyway?

Model brain with headlines on mental health

Mental Health is the result of:

  1. regulation (balance) in your nervous system and
  2. integration (of all parts of your whole body working together) on 5 levels.






Why do people have mental health issues?

Mental Ill Health occurs when one or more of these levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic) are out of balance, and no longer integrated and/or functioning together.

As an integrative psychotherapist, I support your nervous system, emotions, thoughts, energy and connection to yourself and others back into balance so you will have resolution and return to optimal functioning.

All the work we do together, whether you come for trauma resolution, mood problems, addictions or other symptoms that you want to resolve, everything we will do together, will be aimed at regulating your nervous system and integrating your body, mind and brain.

Your nervous system is easily pushed out of balance but if it is healthy it can bounce back.


Most addictions and other problems arise from your own attempts to balance and integrate your own system yourself after one or more life events have overwhelmed you.


Depressed man in the room.

It can be hard for your nervous system to come back into balance on its own if it has been out of balance for a long while – especially if it has been out of balance since you were a child.


Things that push it out of balance include anything that you couldn’t cope with and resolve FULLY at the time it happened.

Also dys-regulating  [throw your nervous system out of whack] are alcohol, all drugs including prescription drugs, unhealthy relationships, stress, medical problems, pain, gastro-intestinal and reproductive issues, migraines,  chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and so on.

Other dysregulating events can include; work stress, financial stress, relationship stress, being bullied as a child or as an adult (usually at work), living with domestic violence, having a parent whose nervous system was out of balance and who tried to cope in ways that made life even harder for everyone around them, you were abused, neglected,  you struggled with friendships, and you had a hard time at school or at work.

Sad pupil being bullied by classmates at corridor in school

Maybe you had a difficult birth or you had a sibling or parent who was ill and needed a great deal of time and energy – maybe you were that child, maybe you were super smart  and/or you had reasons you could not relate to others, maybe you had a parent who had a major mental problem like schizophrenia or severe bi-polar or untreated PTSD.

Whatever it was that threw your nervous system out of balance, with time and focused work your nervous system can most likely recover; slowly, but surely.Symbol of scales is made of stones on the boulder


In some cases, there may have been nervous system damage that was so severe, your nervous system may not fully recover, but it may be able to  improve – and maybe improve quite a lot.

So, in my opinion, it’s worth trying.


ALL levels [pieces] of experience must be included in a holistic treatment plan for resolution of an issue or issues to occur.

You may have had past therapy on one or more of these levels, but rarely has anyone been advised that all 5 levels need to be addressed.


You have most likely had mental level therapy such as CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this is the most common type of therapy in Australia.

Maybe you even meditate which helps you mentally balance yourself. But in my experience, these will never do enough to rebalance your nervous system or integrate your brain.

You may also have had good emotionally focused therapy.

This is probably the second most common type of therapy. This would be where you talked about and felt your emotions. That means your sadness, grief, anger, fear, anxiety, shame and so on. Feeling them and talking about them is good of course. But if they are deep emotions and are attached to something big that happened that you couldn’t cope with when it happened you will undoubtedly need more to resolve your emotions rather than recirculate them, round and round without resolution and integration.

You may have even had great energetic level work such as EFT, Reiki, hands-on healing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, flower essence therapy, and Cranio Sacral therapy which has helped.

You may not have heard of spiritual level therapies. Integrating the spiritual level of your experience does not mean you need to find religion.

Spiritual Psychology  is about your connections to yourself and others, your community, city, and the planet.

It’s also about how you make meaning of what has happened to you, included here is the natural spontaneous arising of forgiveness of any judgements you hold towards yourself and others who may have been involved.

You don’t “have to” forgive yourself and others. It is a naturally occurring process which happens as you evolve and grow.

On a physical level you may have a yoga practice, and a terrific work out routine, a food plan which provides good nutrition, you may also have a naturopath who helps your gut function well. Also fantastic and extremely helpful.

To go further into the physical level healing there are particular therapies that have been developed over the past 4o years which are wonderful for balancing the body and releasing tension, anxiety, and depression stored in your body’s actual muscles, organs, and tissues.

Maybe you have heard of the Somatic (physical) level therapy called Somatic Experiencing, which helps in healing medical issues, allergies and other somatic conditions related to trauma.

Even Further on the physical level …….

Even fewer people have had any advice about cellular level [physical level] nutrition [also called Ortho-Molecular  or Functional medicine] and supplementation to support recovery. When you have had mental health dysregulation over many years, all the systems in your body; hormonal levels, ability to sleep, organ health, sugar levels, fertility, your ability to concentrate, and your gastro-intestinal health all suffer and deteriorate.

Your body systems try hard to help you stay functioning, but as your mental health declines, so too does your physical health and vice versa.


You may not have heard of the newer ’21st century therapies’ which access the deeper parts of your brain where traumas and other events are held. These therapies include Brainspotting and EMDR.

Kitten that screams at puppy isolated on white background.

Brainspotting therapy actually facilitates access to the deeper parts of your brain where there are “frozen moments” which pull you back into the past and you end up behaving as though you are still there.

Brainspotting accesses the cortical (rational and conscious areas) of your brain and also the sub cortical areas  (Brain stem and limbic system) which “talk therapies” cannot access even after years and years of talking.

This is the amazing part of Brainspotting. It is gaining the approval of prominent therapists, neurologists, neuroscientists and researchers world-wide. It opens a door into your brain’s innate ability to heal itself. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

You can read more at www.brainspottingaustraliapacific.com.au

Young woman stands on a boulder at Moeraki boulders, holds a blanket in the air.

I use a variety of therapies to help your stressed nervous system regulate itself, and so remove, and resolve any ‘blockages’ to integration which arise form rigidity or chaos in one or more systems.

The therapies and skills based keys I use most are;

  1. Brainspotting (BSP)
  2. Somatic Experiencing (SE)
  3. and the MATES Resourcing Keys to help you stay balanced, so you feel more in control of your choices and emotional state.
  4. I may also use EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

All of these keys and therapies help to regulate and integrate your nervous system and brain so that trauma can be resolved and peak performance levels can be achieved.



Email: info@abeles.consulting